YouVeeShield: Beauty To The Next Step

Disclosure ~ This is a sponsored post on behalf of Bloggy Mom and YouVeeShield. All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl.

Lady’s Lets be real, we all LOVE getting our nails done, our hair dyed, our tan on, basically being pampered; But who doesn’t right? I used to hit my local nail shop every 3 weeks or so, for a fill and /or a change of my nail look. I used to love to rock the pink tips. Well we all know that going to a tanning bed can lead to cancer, dyeing your hair so much that eventually it will fall out, or getting your nails done and getting the UV lights when you get gel nails done. Well I have recently had my eyes open on something that I think every women should know. Have you heard of YouVeeShield?

Well Let me tell you, They YouVeeShield is certified to block 99 % of the UV light with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50 certified by the Solar Light Company. The YouVeeShield is made of FDA; healthy materials including titanium dioxide, which is giving the shield it’s white color and UV blocking abilities to keep your skin safe from harms way. Now I don’t know about you lady’s but I for one do not want any affects on my skin or nails; but we also don’t want to give up getting our nails done. It’s one of the things I treat myself to that makes me feel pretty. That’s why the creator of YouVeeShield, Renee Albera, made the shield so we can have both! The shields are easy to carry wit you on the go, or even encourage your salon to already have them in hand. Buy 10 now for only $9.99 and get a discount here, for their fall2016 15% off any purchase and make your enjoyable gel nails, worth it. I will for sure be telling my nail salon about these!

So I say ladies, why wait till you get the spots on your hands, and get the protection and beauty we all want and deserve. Why spend 20-45 min under a light that will give you sun spots, and spend the same amount under the light but with 99% protection for your beautified and healthier hands. Protect your hands with YouVeeShield and take your beauty to the next step. You don’t go in the sun with no sunscreen. Why go in a salon with naked hands?

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+. I know they will love the social love from all you beautiful ladies.


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