XNSPY Skype Chat Monitoring App (iOS and Android Device Friendly)

XNSPY is one of the many highly recommendable and frequently used monitoring apps available. Its popularity is because most users, who are employers, find it to be an effective Skype chat monitoring app. Even though there are multiple other apps dominating the market, users of this particular app find it easy to use and cost effective too. While it offers numerous other monitoring features, it has made quite a reputation for monitoring most apps that have end-to-end encryption.

Instant messaging with Skype is a quick and famous method of talking to friends with free calls via Wi-Fi, and even if users pay for Skype calls, it is much cost effective. People can easily type messages, send them, share photos and videos, and even have video calls with this messenger. Besides, through Skype, having conference meetings online and group discussions is very convenient and easy. This is why, when it comes to monitoring Skype, you need something that allows you to see everything one can do with Skype.

Skype is one of such apps, and employers need to keep track of what their employees share via this messenger. This has made XNSPY earn a good reputation among business owners who monitor employees. Not just employers, but parents also benefit from this app. It offers users three very important Skype monitoring features. How you can use this monitoring app to monitor these features is very easy.

Subscribe for this Skype Chat Monitoring App

Before you can begin monitoring a target person’s activity via Skype, you must subscribe for the app’s services. It can be an Android or iOS device. If it’s an Android or jailbroken iOS device, you will have to manually buy the app and install it by following some simple steps. For non-jailbroken devices, you don’t need to install the app on the target device; it works via iCloud. Subscriptions are available in monthly, quarterly, and annual packages.

Once you’ve activated the product on the target device, you can monitor messages, calls, and watch list contacts from the control panel, without having to hold the target device in hand each time. This is an added advantage for users because they can maintain the stealth mode and monitor the target person without looking over their shoulders.

Read Skype Messages

Knowing what people talk about can be very important for business owners, especially their employees. The reason for this is mostly to protect company secrets and plans from competitors. Besides, monitoring Skype messages is important for the sake of maintaining a socially interactive but safe work environment where there is no form of harassment and discrimination. Whenever employers feel that, there is reason for concern or to lay someone off because of disloyalty and espionage, they can back it up with evidence with the help of this Skype chat monitoring app. It not only allows users to read entire conversations via Skype, it also allows them to make screenshots.

Parents can also use this feature of the app to keep their kids safe from bullies and other predators.

View Skype Call Logs

Since employers use Skype to communicate with their team and encourage in-house interactions, they need to keep track of how often their workers use Skype. They also need to make sure that they don’t use the app for unofficial purposes that can threaten company secrets. Employers can monitor internet usage to see how much time their staff spends on calls, which can be helpful in tracking ones’ efficiency at work. Besides, it helps keep employees in check so that they don’t mix personal life with work and comply with company policies.

This feature also helps parents to keep track of their kids’ activities and helps them know whom their kids’ converse with most of the time.

Track Photos and Videos

Employers can also make sure that their team doesn’t share unacceptable and indecent multimedia files across their social network. Likewise, parents can keep constant check on what kind of photos and videos they send and receive. If there is reason to take serious precautionary measures, they can do that.

Track Internet Activity

Sometimes, people share links to websites in Skype chats. Users can track what sort of websites those are and keep people in check. Even parents can make sure that their kids do not visit unacceptable websites that their contacts may share with them.

Watch-list Skype Contacts

This app allows users to see all the contacts that the target person converses with via Skype. Sometimes, employers may find it necessary to keep track of a specific contact because they suspect he or she is a threat from a competitor, working towards stealing company secrets. Whenever such a watch-listed contact contacts the target employee, the app sends an alert.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, all these features make XNSPY a very useful app for employers who want to monitor employees and for parents who want to protect their kids. However, this is not all. This app has other equally beneficial features that make is a complete monitoring app.

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