What Are Some Top Classic English Cakes

English cakes are not only desserts but also serve as classic tea cakes. Classic cakes include light sponge cake with cream and fruit or a glazed Chelsea bun decorated with currants or crumbly, buttery slices of shortbread, all served with a cup of tea.

Here are some top cakes loved and made by the British including biscuits cake which is a favourite with the Queen.

  • Welsh cake: These traditional Welsh snacks are cooked on a bake stone and are made of raisins, currants, sultanas and flour. A touch of spice- nutmeg or cinnamon is also added.
  • French fancy: This is a British version of iced sponge cake covered with a circle of fondant icing and butter cream. This often features at the table of a kid’s birthday party.
  • Fat rascal: A dome shaped, rough kind of cake like a scone made of candied peels and currants, it is popularly baked in Yorkshire particularly in the well-known Betty’s tea rooms.
  • Lemon Drizzle: This is a classic English cake made in many regions of England, especially for Easter Sunday.
  • Victoria sponge: This is named after Queen Victoria who loved a slice of sponge cake for tea. The traditional cake is filled with jam and softly whipped cream and sprinkled with caster sugar.
  • Bakewell tart: this is a puff pastry and almond paste delicacy with icing and cherry on top.
  • Battenburg: This unique marzipan covered check patterned cake has alternative colours of yellow and pink. This cake was conceived to celebrate the marriage of Prince Louis of Battenburg with grand-daughter of Queen Victoria in 1884. Four squares stand for the four princes of Battenburg, namely, Francis joseph, Henry, Alexander and Louis.
  • Eccles cake: A round, small cake full of currants and created from flaky pastry with butter and often covered with Demerara sugar. It is named after Eccles, an English town in Manchester.
  • Jaffa cake: There is a controversy whether this item is a cake or biscuit. Some argue that biscuits will become soft when stale while cakes will go hard. Proof was given that Jaffa cakes would harden when stale and so are classified as cakes.
  • Chelsea bun: Originated in 18th century at The Bun house in Chelsea district of London. The bun composes of a rich dough flavoured with cinnamon and lemon and is rolled into a spiral, square shape.
  • Biscuit cake: Biscuit cake is a delicious no bake cake, best served from your fridge. Biscuits are referred to as cookies in some countries. Biscuits cake has come into the spotlight as it is apparently the favourite tea cake of Queen Elizabeth. It is a lush, rich cake with a lovely, crunchy texture because of the addition of classic English cookies or rich tea biscuits. Topping it with a layer of luscious chocolate frosting provides the perfect finishing touch
  • Madeira cake: A delicious but simple cake, it is a light but dense sponge flavoured with subtle taste of orange.
  • Parkin with Toffee ice cream: Buttery oats, nutmeg, ginger and treacle are combined for this delicious bake, served traditionally on bonfire night.

These are some of the classic English cakes.

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