TurnerMAX Boxing Gloves


Turner Sports UK is a relatively new kid on the block but in such a short time it has become quite popular for the quality and durability of its products. TurnerMAX boxing gloves are designed in a very special way and are now one of the most prevalent brands in the boxing world. Through a multiplicity of choices TurnerMAX seem to dominate the boxing market as they are not only solidly built but are also highly functional. In addition the colour range of TurnerMAX boxing gloves is pretty wide and so they appeal to different tastes and this is the reason people ask for TurnerMAX whenever they want to practice or take part in a boxing match. This brand is one of the best available brands. Their mission statement is “Push your limits” which means to get the maximum benefit and exercise from using this brand.

Famous quotations in the world of boxing:

Muhammad Ali, the American boxing champion, emphasized the value of never giving up even when the fight was very tough. He says, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’” His boxing technique blended, designed with psychology a rare feat in the boxing world. He used to confuse his rivals. Though the design of gloves should be of very high quality, they will not work to the ultimate satisfaction of the boxer if he doesn’t have the requisite self-confidence. Most of the matches that Muhammad Ali won was through mixing high quality gloves with psychology and the psychological part resided in confusing the rivals through words. Here at Turner Sports UK it is believed that high quality boxing gloves induce extra confidence in the boxer and this eventually leads to his triumph over his opponent.

He used to say, “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. This quotation is composed of two segments, a soft and a hard segment. Through the image of a butterfly he disarms his rivals and when he was not on his guard, he stung him like a bee. His punch carried maximum force to hit his rival and he in this way clinched the victory. If Muhammad Ali were active these days he would have certainly preferred to use TurnerMAX gloves.

Amir Khan the new boxing sensation from the UK says, “I will fight anyone and I think the world of boxing knows that I will step in the ring with any fighter in the world.” His words are brimming with confidence and this is how a sportsman should conduct himself before the match starts till the end of the match. This is the reason he has won a number of matches and distinguished himself in the field of boxing.

Wrapping up:

Turner Sports UK is surfacing as a formidable sports company and this is confirmed not only by the quality of its products and finished items but also by their functionality. During the fight these gloves help in a firm grip of the hands and the wrist. Besides they retain the flexibility of movement which is very crucial for the agility of the boxer.

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