Top 4 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Car Service

Cars are often taken care of by their owners and men often treat their cars as well as they treat their girlfriends. A lot of work goes behind beautifying car’s body, from snickering the car to boosting its silencers. Adding accessories like bumpers, reflectors, mag wheels, window shades and perfumes only seem to be the tip of what lengths people stretch to outshine others with their cars. But the real deal is not just on the outside, also inside of the car. With inside we mean the ‘engine’, which makes up the heart of the car, this needs good maintenance and regular servicing.

Over time cars function poorly due to wear and tear of various rubber and metal parts due to friction and use. Pollution and weather conditions play their part in reducing the efficiency of the car. Dust can be another factor that clogs down filters and air-conditioning inside a car. If these and other areas are not constantly checked and scheduled for regular car service maintenance, your car is heading for a breakdown and you are being blind to it.

Simple Things That You Can Control and Notice are Listed Below:

  1. Engine Oil: This is an essential part of the car servicing to make sure that the engine is still having enough oil to run and that it does not have burnt out it. Engine oil can make a big difference in keeping the car running new. The need to check the type of engine oil is also important, there are oils that are naturally refined and obtained, and these mineral oils are slightly costly than counterpart synthetic oil. Synthetic oils are easy flowing and are also known to last longer; hence using these motor oils will also increase performance after each service. They are more slippery and hence the wear and tear are much less in comparison to mineral oils.

  1. Tyre Pressure: If checked once in a month will ensure that there is a lower drag on the engine, lower tire pressure will force more rubber contact to the tar, this will result in more wear and tear on the wheels and more pressure on the engine too. The right amount of pressure for your wheels is often mentioned in the user manual of your car. This will save you both annual costs and repairs on the wheels.

  1. Coolant and Consumables: Another area that needs constant checking, there are a couple of things here to check, the coolant that runs through the engine and the compressor, you may need a mechanic to help you complete these checks. Also, other consumables like the shampoo on the windshield wiper need to be filled, the rubber on the front and the rear wipers of your cars also need to be checked and replaced from season to season.

  1. Scheduled Maintenance of the Car: Your car manufacturer would have designed the car to reach the service maintenance shop once in a year or once in every ‘X’ number of kilometers. Sticking to this schedule will ensure that other replacements are both checked and changed. There are filters that need to be checked, these include oil filters, air filters and AC ventilation filters that need replacement or cleaning if required.

There is definite value if you covered all these areas of car service. The car will not only be in a better-looking condition but also will have a good sounding engine. Records at the car service center will also play a vital role when you wish to depart or sell the car and fetches you a good price in the bargain.

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