“Supernatural Comfort” is just a click away with GhostBed

We can only DREAM of sleeping in a REAL bed like this.

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, my husband and I have no clue what that is like. You see… we don’t have a bedroom to call our own. We have to sleep in the living room on a sofa bed. It’s next to impossible to get a good night’s sleep on a sofa bed.

We live in a one bedroom condo. When our daughter was born we converted the dining room into a bedroom. That worked out perfectly. Then our on came along. For a while he slept in the room with us (in his crib) but as soon as he was around 18 month old we had to move him to a toddler bed (he kept trying to climb out of the crib). We quickly realized the toddler bed, and our daughter’s twin size bed, were not going to fit in the small room – including their toys and dressers. We ended up having to give them the bedroom, forcing us to move into the living room (the dining room was not big enough for our bed).

That was about 15 years ago. We went from a sofa bed, to air mattresses (not good around cats), a daybed/trundle set up and then back to a sofa bed. We figure in another 5-10 years our kids will be off on their own and we can have the bedroom back again.

The mattresses on our kid’s beds are old. Our daughter’s is about 17 years old and our son’s almost 15 years old. They were showing their age. They had springs inside and were “lumpy.” My kids complained about them a lot.

We knew they needed new mattresses, but it wasn’t something we thought about on a regular basis. Plus every time we did think about it something always came up and we ended up unable to afford new ones. If we were going to get new mattresses we needed to get two of them. The last thing we wanted was them to fight over who got the new mattress.

By the way… we had to divide the room so that they each have privacy and their own personal space. It’s not 100% their own but we did a decent enough job with a room divider.

GhostBed Mattress SS


Recently I was contacted about a new type of mattress from Nature’s Sleep called GhostBed mattress. GhostBed? That’s an interesting name for a mattress company. It certainly intrigued me.

The new GhostBed mattress recently launched by Nature’s Sleep, is waking up the sleepy world of mattresses, offering a bigger, better quality, and more affordable online alternative.

The introduction of GhostBed marks a milestone for the new way consumers buy mattresses. Created by the “Sleep Scientists” at Nature’s Sleep, the GhostBed offers an exciting and more convenient alternative to a traditional visit to a mattress retailer. Customers simply visit the website at GhostBed.com and in just a few clicks, order their GhostBed mattress and matching foundation. The GhostBed mattress ships FREE within 24 hours from one of the brand’s centrally located warehouse, and is conveniently delivered to your doorstep in ttheir signature box. All this risk free, as GhostBed offers an unparalleled 101 FREE night trial.

Why is the GhostBed the right mattress for you? Because it’s proudly made in America by the sleep scientists at Nature’s Sleep. With decades of experience and eight distribution centers nationwide, GhostBed can quickly deliver pure sleep perfection to your front door.

That’s it – Supernatural Comfort is just a click away.

GhostBed offered to send me two mattresses (one for each of my kids) to review. THANK YOU GHOSTBED!

My kid were super excited at the idea of getting new, and hopefully comfy, beds. Their box springs (the part that goes under a mattress) were decent enough (they need to be replaced too but they are still OK for now).

They don’t know it but they are getting new “bed in a bag” sets for Christmas.

When you think mattress you think something big, tall and rectangle in shape. Imagine our surprise when two huge boxes showed up at our door that were NOT shaped like a mattress.

GhostBed Box

Surely the mattresses were not in these boxes. After all, they were maybe three feet tall (give or take). My husband was concerned that they were air mattresses (I assured him they were real mattresses).

We carefully opened the box and looked inside. This is what we saw.

Box 1

Box 2

There WAS a mattress in the box – but it was folded up like an accordion. This can’t possibly be a twin size mattress, could it?

There was no way we could lift it out of the box, so we put the box on it’s side to slide it out.

Even our dog was curious as to what was inside the box.


My husband CAREFULLY cut open the “bag” the bed was wrapped in.

Unboxing 1

Inside was the mattress, folded up. On the back of a mattress was a GhostBed t-shirt. That was a fun surprise (my kid appreciate branded t-shirts. They actually wear them).

Inside the outer bag was another bag that was wrapped very tightly on the mattress. It reminded me of one of those vacuum sealers that suck the air out of bags to keep food fresh.




Once released from the inner bag the mattress puffed up.

You might think that it’s thin and “airy”once it puffs up – but it’s not! The mattress is very thick (thicker than their old mattresses) and FIRM! We were both shocked. It’s hard to believe that they stuffed the mattress in the box the way they did. What an ingenious way to package a mattress.

GhostBed Mattress

Each box weighed about 60 pounds, so it’s not a light mattress at all. I looked on Amazon to see how much twin size mattresses typically weigh and it appears they weigh around 30 pounds – so these are twice as heavy as other mattress.

I’m not kidding when I say these mattresses are thick and firm. They are made out of a memory foam material.

Once we had both beds set up, my husband and I each lied on one of the beds.

WOW! WOW! WOW!!! They are so nice. I can’t believe my kids are sleeping on these amazing mattresses and my husband and I are sleeping on a sofa bed mattress as thick as a piece of paper (or so it would feel) and the kid are sleeping on clouds. Sigh…

Since the mattresses are higher, their beds appear higher too (I never thought to take a before/after photo of that). You can tell just by looking at them, and how they look with the headboards that they are much higher.

According to the brand, they are thick because they contain the following;

1½” Continuous aerated latex foam is naturally responsive, plush and does not retain heat

2″ Gel memory foam uses a proprietary formula with larger cells to make it more reactive to the body for cooler nights

7½” High density base layer for increased support and longevity

They also have a soft, plush layer on top that has a quilted appearance (you can see it in the photo above). I like the texture. I don’t know what purpose it serves, but it does feel nice.

I asked the kids after the first night on their new GhostBed mattresses how they felt and how well did they sleep. The first night my son said he fell asleep almost immediately and that the bed was so much nicer to sleep on without feeling the springs like he did with the other bed. After the first night my daughter said it felt “odd” to be so high up and it felt “weird” since she was used to her other bed (she’s 18 1/2 and slept on the other mattress for 17 years!). She liked the new mattress, she just wasn’t used to it.

About a week later I asked them how the new mattresses were working out. My daughter tells me that she feels so snugly and comfy in the new bed/mattress that she has a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. She just wants to stay in bed under the covers. My son tells me that the bed/mattress is great and he loves it.

My kids are young and don’t think about back support and things along those lines. My son did say we should have got them new mattresses sooner (I agree).

They also have covers that zip off for easy cleaning. That is a great idea. Not many mattresses offer that.

The ONLY “downside” that we can think of is that the GhostBed mattress doesn’t come with handles on the side, so dragging them into the bedroom took a little more effort – but that’s it. That is the only “negative” we can think of – no handles.



I do know that if/when we are blessed to finally have a house with a bedroom where we can have a REAL bed again, I am going to get a GhostBed mattress. I love the fact that you can order quality mattresses online (and not have to deal with salesmen in the store) and have it shipped right to my door. There is no need to coordinate a delivery with a delivery service. Our mattresses were left at our door by FedEx. Although I do feel bad that our driver had to lug 120 pounds (two 60 pound boxes) up six flights of steps.

GhostBed also offers FREE SHIPPING where as other bedding stores have a delivery fee.

GhostBed mattresses are available in Twin, Extra Long Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King. They also sell boxsprings if you need a new one.

GhostBed offers consumers a 101 Night Trial. Please visit their warranty page for more information. In addition they also give consumers a 20 year warranty (again, visit the warranty page for more information).

For more information about GhostBed, or to place an order, visit GhostBed.com. The brand is also found on social media. All of the links are found on the bottom of their website.

What do you think about GhostBed? Does it sound like something you would want for your bed? What do you think about the unique way the beds are packaged?

GhostBed Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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