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Solano Upholstery & Refinishing is held in high regards for providing excellent reupholstery in Philadelphia. We have been in the business for more than 40 years, and we cater to a broad base of loyal clients who trust us with our services and expertise. We use best fabric and stuffing to reupholster your furniture.

Why should you prefer reupholstery over investing in new furniture?

Change is the most constant variable in our lives, and change applies to our lifestyle and home décor as well. Furniture is a great addition to any household, and it plays a crucial role in adding a home-like touch to your house. However, furniture tends to lose its former appeal over the course of time, and it requires be reupholstering or renewing.  Solano Upholstery offers exclusive reupholstery in Philadelphia, and they reupholster all types of furniture.

Provides you with an added value of dollar

The furniture industry has struggled to garner profit to supply furniture to its customers at an affordable rate. Manufacturers tend to acquire profitability using reupholstery tactics that include using an affordable frame, less expensive fabric, foam, and less padding to avoid cutting cost on the manufacturing of new furniture.

Investing in household furniture should be considered as a hefty investment. However, you should also assume its return on investment that could benefit you in the long-run. Reupholstering your furniture adds value to the return on investment to your furniture, and it maintains the composure and composition of your furniture pieces. It also enhances the life expectancy of a furniture piece, and it tends to sustain normal tear and cracks over the course of time.

Adding depth and shape to your furniture

The fabric of furniture plays an integral role in upholstering furniture, and it tends to wear and tear over the course of time. Investing in a reupholstery project replaces the old fabric with new fabric, and it restores it back to its former glory. Reupholstering your furniture also plays a vital role in restoring or redesigning quality furniture pieces. It is an excellent way to customize your furniture without investing in a new furniture set.

In the former days, manufacturers were required to use their detailed ability for making furniture, and it was a time-consuming and hefty process. Upholstery came into existence in 1950’s, and it has significantly reduced the need for manufacturing new furniture pieces.

Preserves the sentimental value of your furniture

Furniture is adored by the elderly of a family, and they have attached sentimental values with the furniture pieces given to them as a gift from their mother, aunt, sister, or grandmother. Your pet animal also becomes attached to a particular furniture piece in your house.

Reupholstering a furniture piece helps to maintain the sentimental value attached to furniture. A majority of the homeowners who have invested in a re-upholstery project are familiar with its significance in preserving the memories attached to the furniture piece.

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