Guidelines for NABH Accreditation

NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals) desperately works for underprivileged patients who are suffering from diseases and being neglected by the hospital staff, nurse, doctor etc. In the past, the demand for the healthcare has increased due to the various sectors such as corporate growth, medical insurance, insurance growth etc. Basically, NABH is a constituent board of quality council of India and operates accreditation and aligned programs for healthcare organisations. This board is set up for the needs of the consumer and progress in the field of health care. The board is being helped by all the stakeholders including consumers, industry. NABH Accreditation scrutinises all the accredited hospitals.

There are some ideas listed below in groups for easy understanding what the NABH Comprises:

NABH Accreditation

It is mandatory for the hospitals to keep documented process for its health care activities. Patients care is not only being involved the core clinical care but also others support like medicines interaction of the nurse towards the patient, medicines on the original cost, training and so on. These hospital practices are on the eye-hawk from the NABH. These activities run solely to provide the best experience to the patients and their relatives.

Hospitals should define all activities in a written document in the inclusion of work instructions, detailed job responsibilities; check lists and provide the necessary training to the staff.

NABH Training

The NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals) and QCI (Quality Council Of India) Organisations have accomplished to provide an exhaustive healthcare standard for the accredited hospital and health providers. This board consists of strict500 plus objective elements need to be achieved by the hospital in order to get the NABH accreditation. To achieve the standard the hospital needs to create a process-driven approach in all the fields such as registration, peri-surgery and post-surgery protocol.

NABH Consultants

Patients’ to be informed
All the proposed care should be known by patients or family members.
The patients or family members should know about the complete expenses.
Patients or family member should not be given wrong information
Patients or family members should be known about the possible complication.

Patients Right
Right to refuse the treatment
Well-known about the complaint process
Be given respect with dignity during the treatment
Be informed about the high- risk procedures like blood product transfusions, anaesthesia.
Easily accessible their clinical record

Qualified investigations
Policies and procedures for handling reports, safe disposal of lab specimen
All the tests and investigations result are available in a time frame
Well-trained and qualified personnel who performs the lab work
Instant intimation to patients and his/her family about the critical results
The lab equipment should be in nice condition

Prescription of medicines should be documented.
The hospital defines and acknowledged the high-risk medication

Contagious control
The hospitals have an infection control team
Hospital should have the qualified infected control nurses
Sufficient amount of gloves, soaps, sanitizer, masks and disinfectants are used correctly
Proper washing of hands is monitored properly
Nursing facilities are available
Patient’s easily available hand-washing facilities

Ambulance must be properly equipped with the well trained personnel
Prior intimation of bed, wheel chair, ambulance etc is to be followed

Therefore, if you are admitted in NABH accredited hospital and you are not being treated well by the hospital, nurse, doctor or someone etc you can raise the complaint against them. Rest assured the NABH role is well defined and there would be hardly any negligence.

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