Going to Rock a Business Meeting?

Going to Rock a Business Meeting? These Are the Three Basic Accessories You Need!

Whether you represent your own company or a company you work for, attending a business meeting and making a good impression is a hard thing to achieve. In terms of business wear, there are plenty of options to choose from. High-end designer business suits, slim fit feminine yet demure shirts, high heels, jackets, trousers or dresses – they are all within reach, making a statement of their own.

The first rules when picking the perfect business outfit is to make it look like a million bucks without having to spend a fortune on clothes. All you need to do is make sure your outfit is clean, neat, ironed, unruffled and by no means scruffy. Pick a slim-fit dress or jacket, make sure your shoes look like just taken out of the box and don’t let any loose stitching chip away your professional look. If you have all these bases covered, let’s see three essential pieces to rock a business meeting – presentation-wise.

1. One Piece of Pearl Jewelry

Don’t for a second think that pearls are dedicated to nostalgic grandmothers, sweet sixteen celebrations and weddings. As of late, pearls are all the rage in fashionable jewelry and your business attire shouldn’t lack a pearl piece. Symbolically speaking, pearls mean power, trust, wealth, wisdom and harmony – the same things you want to transmit to your business partners or the results you aim to achieve with the meeting. No matter how uptight or casual your business suit it, a delicate yet modern pearl pendant necklace will add the exact amount of femininity, strength and charm to the table you need. You can also opt for a discrete pair of pearl studs, a single-strand pearl bracelet or a pearl choker. No matter what pearl jewelry you choose, be sure you will make the correct impression.

2. A Drop of the Perfect Perfume


Women and perfume have an almost intimate relationship and all men and women in the audience will appreciate a high-quality scent discretely emanating from your direction. According to specialists, a working environment should be complemented by floral and grassy scents that are light and fresh, on a traditional note rather than innovative. For even more formal meetings and business encounters, you should pick a slightly bolder perfume – one that speaks of your confidence, strength, independence, intelligence and so on.

We all know science has our backs: a tantalizing scent helps people become more comfortable and trustworthy around you, and this is what you want from your business partners. Pick a flowery perfume with a rich, innovative and daring fragrance. You can achieve this goal by inclining to roses, jasmine, and patchouli and so on. Before using the perfect perfume for the meeting, remember to refresh your memory on the basic perfume choosing guidelines provided by experts in the matter.

3. The Right Shoes at the Right Time

Victorians used to say that a true lady can be judged by her shoes: no matter how inexpensive her clothes might be, her shoes should always be the epitome of elegance. We are past Victorian times, but things didn’t change much. Women do appreciate a good looking pair of shoes and it is likely that your business partners will do the same. When it comes to business shoes, many women have things figured out: high heeled stilettos are timeless, classic and make the same powerful impression. However, if you don’t feel comfortable in high heels, there are at least two other types of shoes to try:

  • Nude pumps – they can sport a medium-height heel and you will still look great. Nude shoes have the “talent” to make your feet look slimmer, thinner and longer. You will thus create the visual illusion of being taller without having to wear sizeable heels.
  • The classic Mary Jane shoes: feminine, classic, timeless, with a dash of a retro flair to them, traditional Mary Janes speak of femininity, class, refinement and your inner preference for everything durable, stable, ageless and beautiful.
  • Oxford shoes – these low-heeled shoes can style up a slightly more casual business outfit. They go great with jeans and other elegant trousers and they make you feel comfortable and confident.

There are plenty of other dress-up tips and tricks when it comes to impressing a business-oriented audience, but these three above are the pillars you can build your looks and attitude on.

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