Free Standing Punching Bag Vs. Hanging Heavy Bag – Which One is Better?

What is a Free Standing Punching Bag?

Yes, I know, most of you know the answer to that question, but I would like to clarify to the people who don’t know! A red free standing punching bag by TurnerMAX is something that doesn’t need to be hung by a punching bag stand or a punch bag bracket against the wall. It has a stand of its own (the base), which is filled with sand to keep it stable throughout the cardio or training session. Ordinarily, these bags are kept at the local gyms or clubs allowing combat sports activities.

It is also called the standalone punching bag, a name that suits just about right! The fact that it doesn’t need any kind of support makes it handy even for the smaller homes or apartments. A crazy fact about this bag is that you can put it in your living, kitchen, dining room, by the hallway or someplace else you desire. There are many sports websites out there, displaying free standing boxing bags or free standing heavy bags of all sorts & brands.

Which brand is the Best for Free Standing Heavy Bags?

We all have heard about Everlast, so we don’t have to think twice when it comes to this particular name. We often tend to buy their items without caring about the cost. This is what you call brand authority. They have been in business for a long time!

Similarly, Century is another name that comes to mind, while talking about free standing punching bags in blue. I really love that colour but they have many other colours as well. The point is what to do, if we don’t have that kind of money and we want a good quality free standing bag. I have found the answer to that in the form of TurnerMAX free standing heavy bags. It is rather an unknown, unfamiliar brand, but there is no question about its quality.

Testimonial in Favour of TurnerMAX Products

The coach at Longsight Boxing Club (Manchester, UK), Mr. Omar, has expressed his complete trust over this brand. He said, “If I get the same quality as Cleto Reyes and at a lot lesser price, why would I go after these famous brands? I have no problem, whatsoever, with trying different brands as long as quality is kept in check. I am willing to work with TurnerMAX, if they keep on producing the same gear that I just used.”

It is not the fame that sells but the quality! Hanging heavy bags are the traditional bags but neither a hanging nor a free standing bag will work, if it’s made of cheap quality. We don’t want to waste our hard earned money on something that isn’t worth it or won’t last longer.

Quality Should be the Judgement Criteria

Title is another name that comes to mind, when I talk about the conventional heavy bags. They have vigorously advertised and marketed themselves which helps them get known! But once, the name is out the sale only depends on sustained good quality. The main purpose of the punching bag is to provide resistance. If the bag doesn’t move much after being hit hard, the bag is good enough to be kept and trained on. A bag that moves much isn’t very effective in honing your punching or kicking skills.

Caution: Stay Away from Cheap Brands as Your Safety Comes First!

One thing that should be bought with eyes wide open is a punching bag stand. If it is not strong enough, the bag might fall down inflicting serious injury. The punching bags with stand should be bought through reliable sources. You can ask professionals at your gym for their expert opinions. Nothing beats experience. It is, indeed, a priceless attribute! TurnerMAX punching bag stand’s quality is praise-worthy!

Attributes of a Hanging Heavy Bag

Make sure the bag is filled to a minimum weight of 100 lbs. It has a comfortable vinyl surface to strike. Pure leather one’s are the best ones but because they are expensive, most of us go with vinyl punching bags. Canvas is the type that comes towards the end in terms of price. High quality artificial leather or synthetic leather almost feels like real leather.

The heavy bags are filled with shredded material or rags of cloth. Aqua bags or bags filled with water are used by the more experienced fighters. Moreover, punch bags come in sizes such as 2 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft and 6 ft. The 6 ft bags are usually called banana bags.

Unanimous Decision

Since, the free standing boxing bags do not acquire much space they can be kept at homes for daily exercise or training sessions. All you need is to keep it on a rugged surface, for instance, make it stand on a carpeted floor and it won’t topple over. It won’t fall over just because you have hit it hard. The portability factor goes in favour of a non-hanging punching bag rather than a hanging heavy bag.

On the contrary, if space and price isn’t an issue, go for a hanging punching bag made out of real leather!

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