Finding the Confidence to Get on Stage

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Finding the Confidence to get on Stage

Music is in my blood and has been a huge part of my life from way back in my early stages of life. My Mom always had music playing in the background and I became obsessed with music and always had a dream of being on stage. But, finding the confidence to get on stage isn’t something that came easy for me. As the years past by I grew more and more into my love of music, of all kinds. I am a rocker chick, and a country girl. Love a little blues and even some classical from time to time. Even though I love music, and in the past had tried my hand at guitar playing, and also a few flute lessons, I just never felt right playing an instrument. After meeting my husband (married almost 19 years now) and us having a love of music together, we started a band and I became a drummer. He taught me well, and I remained a drummer of our band for about 6 years and even though it was awesome, and I loved it I felt like I was missing something. See, I have always wanted to be a front person. I love to sing, even though it’s not my strong suit. When our band dissolved and we started thinking about other avenues we would do an acoustic thing and we would both sing. I can say I have come a long way, but yet still lack a bit of confidence to get on stage.

There are many challenges I face when I think about getting on stage. Because I am not a trained vocalist, and just do it because I love music I always am worried about how I will sound. That is a huge issue in itself, but I do have another issue that is also a big deal. I have LBL (light bladder leakage) and I fear the worst will happen especially when I am singing my heart out. When one sings, you use a lot of muscles and sometimes, well you know… things happen you don’t expect! This was our first “real” gig and I actually had the confidence to step on stage because I had been rehearsing for weeks, and I had a little secret that nobody knew. I was protected with Poise Microliners so if my LBL decided to make an appearance, I didn’t have to worry one tiny bit! And, the Microliners are so thin, you don’t even know you have them on. This isn’t your mothers pad, it’s now your best friend! I highly encourage you to not be uncomfortable about your LBL and give them a try, and then tell all your friend. We as women need to help educate other women, because life is to short to stay at home and worry about our LBL.

Poise liner love

We are a Cheap Trick tribute band, named Dream Police. So, of course I want to try and look the part of my favorite vocalist in the world, Robin Zander. He has worn many hats (different styles of clothing) over the years so I decided to go with black pants, my bumper tennis shoes, a white button up shirt, checkered tie and of course the hat. Gotta have the hat. And, my secret weapon, Poise Microliners! My life saver and a game changer when it comes to finding the confidence to get on stage, or do anything for that matter. LBL is no laughing matter, but is something so many women deal with. I want to tell all the women in the world to walk into Walmart, head to “that” isle and don’t be ashamed. Replace your current feminine care products with ones that are specifically designed for LBL, by choosing Poise Microliners.

Poise Liner Love

We had our gig on August 20th for an event that a local town was holding. We all had a blast, the people enjoyed us, I did stumble a bit vocally but ya know what – I stayed confident while on stage and nobody even knew I had my Poise Microliners backing me up. Kinda like back up singers, but better! Haha!! And I do have to say the best part is that I can grab my Poise Microliners easily at Walmart since that is where I do the majority of my shopping. While I am getting my groceries, household goods, and seeing what new clothes they have that I can’t live without, I just pick up my LBL products and I am done in one stop and on my way home to enjoy life with my husband, dogs and all life has given me.

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